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I have done the research, chosen the products, and written the messages.

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Do my systems work?
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Do you want to sell affiliate products using email follow up? If you answered yes, congratulations.

Why congratulations?

Because email follow up marketing is the most powerful form of marketing known to mankind.

It's a fact - everyone from one person startups to Fortune 100 companies use follow up email marketing to sell their products and services.

And why not, email marketing is proven effective, carrying a huge ROI (return on investment) for those who use it right.

In fact, email marketing brings in $40 for every $1 spent when done right.

But notice I said, "when done right".

And there's the rub. 

Most people simply do not know how to write email follow up messages.

And even fewer know how to include helpful articles that add even more marketing power by setting the stage for making the sale with the follow up email messages.

And then there's this ...
You need a lead magnet AND a squeeze page to get people on your list!
GOOD NEWS! You get BOTH with this package!
Writing messages, creating lead magnets and squeeze pages ... MOST people can't do all these things easily!

After all, they want to make money online not be "copywriters" or "marketing geeks".

Happily for you, I am both. 

And now I'm going to share my follow up sequence for selling affiliate products using chatbots with a select few!

This sequence includes interesting articles that set the stage for the sale by uncovering needs AND selling email messages that help close the deal!

AND it includes the same squeeze page I use and the same lead magnet I give away ... brandable to YOU!

But first, let's look at why "getting it right" is so dash darned hard ...

You must get ALL of these right for your email messages to make sales!

Quick note: These are only a FEW of the methods professional copywriters use to write email follow up messages.

I know because I have written thousands of such messages, teach a $1000 course on email marketing, am certified by Digital Marketer in it and have made my full time living with email marketing since 2001!
How long each message needs to be.
How to get your message past the spam filters.
Which subject lines to use to get the maximum open rates.
Where to put your call to action links for maximum click throughs.
How to use a P.S. and why - this is huge!
How to alternate between content and selling to keep your readers interested and buying!
How often to send the messages. Get this wrong and the whole thing breaks!
How to "bounce" a reader so they become loyal to you and your brand.
How to get readers to follow you on Facebook and other social media.
How to get readers to recommend you to their friends so your list can grow even faster!
How to make people want to buy using articles and not just advertising.
And more ... so much more!
Here is what I am offering you today.
You get access to my 14 MESSAGE FOLLOW UP SERIES for selling chatbots.

PLUS ... AND THIS IS HUGE ... I have included 7 articles written by me.

This means you will be using content marketing as well as email marketing - to set up the need for the product the emails promote!

This is my proven and effective Breathing Method in action, working for you!

This is how I sell all of my products, and affiliate products too!

The article comes first, helping the reader feel the need for the product you are going to be promoting. 

Then the email messages come, reinforcing that the product being promoted is the solution to the problem that was uncovered by the article. 

This two-step marketing approach works time and time again, across niches and for people at every level of experience!

This series focuses on promoting one highly converting product that I know will help you earn commissions. 

BUT ... you can promote ANY chatbot service or software using this series!

This series is designed to appeal to people who want to make money online.

This means your messages will appeal the broadest possible audience! 

And that means more clicks, more sales and more commissions for you.

These messages are carefully designed to make the sale without being pushy.

•  They build trust.
•  They enhance your authority.
•  Best of all, they get the click!

The messages come with complete instructions on how to use them. And I mean complete.

  • How to use this as your primary follow up system.
  • How to use these messages with your current follow up system.
  • How to use the articles on your blog or in social media.
And if you don't want to use them as follow up messages, they make perfect solo ads!

That means you are getting 14 solo ads, written by me, for one incredible price. (More on that below)

To be clear, you can use them as an email follow up series, or as solo ads ... OR BOTH!

And these are not just "pitch" messages. No way. There are messages that include content marketing as well.

The length of the messages has been varied by design.

No one wants to get all short or long messages, so I made sure to mix it up with some very short, curiosity-based messages, AND some longer content-based messages too.

It's the same method I teach at my $1000 email marketing course.


Now you are NURTURING your reader as well as selling to them.

You are sending them free content and then helping them solve a problem they already have and want to solve!

That is the essence of professional selling!

No question is left unanswered. And if you have a question I did not cover I will support you with an individual answer!

You get the messages in FIVE FORMATS so you can use them easily.
  1. Word
  2. PDF
  3. Rich Text
  4. ODT
  5. Plain text
Get My Super List Building System FREE!
Because I want you to have what you need to succeed, I am throwing in, at no additional cost, a professionally designed squeeze page and lead magnet so you can build your list while making sales!

The LEAD MAGNET is an informative PDF that your new subscribers can download instantly.

It is not branded to me, or my company, so you can use it and build YOUR list and brand at the same time.

Here is what I know - these email follow up messages are designed to make sales. And that is a good thing.

And these messages do double-duty in that they can be used as stand alone ads or solo ads. Another good thing.

But why stop there when you can build AN AUTOMATED INCOME MACHINE by adding in a squeeze page and lead magnet?

And yet, for many people, knowing what to say in a lead magnet, or on a squeeze page, is a deal killer.


Now you can use the same squeeze page and lead magnet I use to build my list with this system!

Here is a screenshot of the squeeze page you will receive ... the same one I use every day!

You get both the squeeze page AND lead magnet at no additional cost.

They are my gift to you, a way to say thank you for your order today!

These are valuable gifts.

If you were to hire a professional to create a squeeze page and lead magnet it could easily cost $800 or more.

But you get them free when you order today!

In fairness, please know that I reserve the right to remove this super-valuable bonus at any time.

After all, I know I could sell these as an upsell and that many people would pay good money to have them.

So act now and get them free!
Here is the cost
If I were to write this series for you individually it would cost at least $700 for the selling emails alone. 

I have long charged an average of $100 per message when writing custom follow up systems.

Add to that the 7 original articles and the value skyrockets. 

I don't write articles for a fee anymore, but the last time I did I charged $250 for a 1000 word article.

That means these articles would be valued (IF you could hire me) at $1750 alone.

And then there is the lead magnet and squeeze page. These would cost at least $800 from a professional writer or designer.

That is a combined value of $3250!

If you took my online course about email marketing you would pay about $1000 ($970 to be exact) and have to watch lots of videos, download templates and more.

With this offer you simply download the file I provide, make TWO edits, pop them into your autoresponder and you are set.

Did you notice I said TWO edits?



You don't need to change the articles at all!

Because I know what these messages can do for you, and because I want to sell out fast, I am pricing the entire package at $197.

You get $3250 worth of copywriting for A ONE TIME PAYMENT of $197.

What a bargain!

If you see the value, use the Order Now button to order now.

If not, that's okay. I wish you well and must assume you are really knocking it out of the park with your email marketing.

And that's a good good thing!

Remember, I may be taking this page down very soon.
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